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Hit the spot

Tried this place for the first time yesterday as a late lunch. We were the only ones sitting at the sushi bar. The chef was delightful, very outgoing, and discussed with us our tastes and preferences before creating 4 different rolls that were all very good. We eat a lot of sushi at various restaurants and this place by far has been the best, especially if you’re somewhat “adventurous”. The food tasted very fresh, and, as it is kept in plain site, we could clearly see how fresh it was. Wonderful atmosphere, we were welcomed upon entering and catered to throughout our dining experience. We will be back!
10 for “TEN”
I have been to Hanabi twice so far and will be returning again in the future. The decor and mood of the restaurant are soothing with calm colors and decorative wooden boats behind the sushi bar. The sushi chef who was working was named Ten and he was absolutely amazing, he spoke english very well and joked and chatted with us throughout our meal and gave us a complimentary fruit plate for a dessert. He knows all of the regulars by name and was very good at picking out just what you had in mind. We ordered only from the paper sushi menus, I had the Yellow Tail, Unagi, and Tempura Shrimp where my dining companion had the Quail Egg shooters with Sake and The Las Vegas Roll. Afterwards we were still hungry for more and Ten recomended that we try the Mango Crunch Roll. Juicy chunks of Mango with Salmon and special sauce, light, crunchy and sweet. The perfect finish to a delicious dinner. The servers and hostess were very sweet and outgoing, all smiles at Hanabi.
Hanabi is a great place to eat excellent sushi. The fish is so fresh and so delicious, they have so many selections of food to choose from, both from the kitchen or sushi bar. The food tastes like you’re in a wonderland. When you go back to your home the flavors will still be dancing on your taste buds screaming for more. I think everyone should go to Hanabi they are really good to your entire family. You can also make your own roll out of whatever you like from their large selection of fresh fruit, fish or vegetables. Hanabi is a great place to eat.
Awesome sushi
My husband and I dine at Hanabi at least 2-3 times a month since the restaurant had opened. He likes their fresh sashimi and I like sushi as well as sashimi. Believe me….I am a very picky eater and if I smelt fish odor in our dish, then that will be the last visit from us (which it happened from other restaurants), but luckily I haven’t had any “fish” experience from Hanabi yet :). Last week, I invited three friends for a special occasion and all my friends were very delighted with experiences they had from the restaurant. I told the head sushi chef to surprise us with his talent and he did awesome job making our table much more memorable than a usual dining experience. I was very glad that I chose to go there than any other sushi bars in Louisville and it was worth of my wallet. I don’t believe other reviewers who complaint about their negative experiences from the Hanabi!  May be they don’t really know about sushi or they’re just not appreciative people about anything.
We absolutely love going to Hanabi! Ten the sushi chef is the best sushi chef that my wife and I have ever seen. He asks your name the 1st time you come in and then he greets you by name every time after that. Kim the owner always comes by to say hello. We feel as if we are part of their family. They have several specials for lunch and they also have happy hour and sushi specials at night. We couldn’t say anything better about our experiences from going to Hanabi!
Delicious Sushi!!!!
Great atmosphere for a wonderful sushi happening. The food is fresh and very very delicious. The sushi chef by the name of Ten is very welcoming and friendly. The Hanabi Tower and the Tuna Tataki are the best food I have ever eaten. I go there for lunch as well as dinner. Very healthy and welcoming! 5 Star for sure!
Best Sushi & Japanese Food in Louisville!
I have eaten at Hanabi on several occations and each time the food arrives I am still suprised by the great taste and art of the food provided. I am the type of person that always tries new things and never has the same dish twice. I can say that the best things I have tried among others are the mango crunch, chili roll, monkey brains ( not really brains at all), hanabi tower, avalanche roll, crunch munch, cucumber salad and house salad. You cant go wrong. All of the fish is very fresh. If you love sushi and japanese food and you have tried all the other places in town, add hanabi to your list you wont be let down

byLaura Branstetter(1 review)

FANTASTIC, love Hanabi. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Louisville for sushi. The sushi is always very fresh. Some of the best sashimi I’ve had anywhere. The creativity of the rolls is great.

byTanner Hyland(2 reviews)

Hands down the best sushi place in Louisville. A wide variety of special rolls that will leave you satisfied. HIGHLY recommended

byHong(1 review)As you know, prospect is little far from downtown of Louisville. But this is the best place for the hungry. Even more, I’m sure that the food here absolutely captivates the taste buds of the gourmets.

Whatever you choose, you will never regret your choice.